How to make money working from home

11. Manage social media accounts for small businesses
Small businesses often need help managing their social media accounts, and many prefer to pay someone to help for only a few hours per week as opposed to having someone managing social media full time.

Learn about the different social media sites and identify one or two that you want to specialize in. Then identify a specific industry that you want to work in. Finally, reach out to different businesses in your area that you recognize you can most help.

12. Create online courses
If you have a marketable skill that others would be interested in mastering for themselves, then consider making your own online course. There are many sites you can use to build your course. However, once it’s created and launched, online courses can be a great source of passive income.

13. Sell affiliate marketing offers
Affiliate marketing is a simple, established way to make money from home by selling the products and services that other people create, particularly if you have a website with a large amount of quality traffic already. There are a number of websites available that promote affiliate offers. Take the time to understand your audience and what they’re most interested in and then search to identify the right offer and present it to your audience.

14. Launch a podcast
A podcast is another great method for sharing your expertise with a virtual audience. The key to success with a podcast is to find a specific niche and then provide great content to grow your audience. Once you have built a large audience and are receiving a large number of downloads per episode, you can then look for ways to monetize your podcast, such as selling ads.

While you may have to do some research in order to learn how to create, edit and promote a podcast, if you’re an expert on a particular topic, it’s an idea that’s worth considering.

15. Get a babysitting job
Babysitting is another option for making money from home. Word-of-mouth referrals are a great way to get started babysitting, although there are also a number of websites that you can use to promote your babysitting services for free

Keep in mind that most families would want their children to be cared for at their home. To make yourself more appealing to families, you may want to consider getting relevant certifications, such as a CPR certification.

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16. Test websites
Another way to make money from home is by using sites that pay you for your insight into how well a specific website worked. In most cases, you have to pass a test to be accepted and then you’ll be paid for each test you perform. You may even have the option of earning additional compensation to participate in a video discussion with the customer after completing the test.

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17. Perform data entry
If you have quick, accurate typing skills, then you may want to consider taking an online data entry job to earn money from home. These positions can usually be performed easily online and can offer consistent income.

18. Work as a freelance writer
Companies big and small are often aiming for high-quality content to boost their ranking in search engines. If you have strong writing skills, this may be a path you want to consider. If you don’t already have an online portfolio of published writing already, you may consider offering to write a few pieces for free, in order to build a portfolio.

19. Offer proofreading services
If you enjoy reading, you might want to consider working from home as a freelance proofreader. Depending on whether you have a degree currently, you may want to consider investing in a proofreading course to earn more credibility with potential clients. You could offer your services to clients independently or you may want to search for companies hiring full-time, remote proofreaders.

20. Rent out a room in your home
Listing a spare bedroom on a vacation rental website can provide easy income you can make at home. If you do so, it’s important to spend time keeping your property and home clean. To ensure you maintain 100% occupancy, consider renting your home on multiple sites.